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The most important of the work we do to ensure that a company that makes a difference in our company's industry; Our employees create the possibility of training and development. "Education; a company's employees, so it is the most important investment in its own future, "Based on the approach of our employees throughout the year in meeting our chamber, information is given sectoral and personal development training to improve the skills and quality.
Work for beginners are also organized orientation programs in the time alignment to the company.
Our company is the quality of work life by providing all the technological infrastructure necessary for the proper working environment have been removed to the next level; company dinners, volleyball matches, birthdays, month Staff of the month driver and motivation increases also with activities such as "satisfied with the work environment, have adopted the individual style instead tool posture, competent and customer-oriented" aimed workforce.
Which is still in the making, "Performance Evaluation System" with the objective evaluation by management and employees in accordance with the set objectives are intended to carry out career planning.
Evaluating the satisfaction of the employees of companies functioning in the same way Employee Satisfaction Surveys are done working through the eyes of a company's performance is also measured every 6 months, the results are being studied in the light of improvements. The common goal of all we do in-house activities with our customers the privilege of working in the labor force counts Hilal Trans is to provide better and quality service.

Hilal Trans has been established in 1992 with its activity in international forwarding area. Since then Hilal Trans has been serving with sense of responsibility and the conception of excellence in Eastern Europe & Balkans areas and continues to improve itself to be the best in its destinations.
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