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Our Service Area

We are proud to provide quality and reliable service to all our customers to spread our European transport network, especially for Eastern Europe and the Balkans.
International road transport
· Daily partial and complete road transport
· Trade Transport
· Heavy and oversize cargo transportation projects
· Express Van transportation
International maritime, rail, air transport

Logistic Services

· Domestic and foreign customs clearance, delivery, collection
· Domestic and external storage (bonded, free)
· Domestic cold storage services; bonded area at -18 / + 15 ° C, in free field -5 / + 15 ° C
· Value added services (labeling, packaging, palletizing, etc.)
· Stock and project yönetimigenel services
· Lock customer management
· Transport contracting insurance • CAD / COD guaranteed delivery
· Agency, TIR Carnet, NCTS operations
· All kinds of transport documentation
· Assisted customers with flexible reporting all kinds of industrial software help

Hilal Trans has been established in 1992 with its activity in international forwarding area. Since then Hilal Trans has been serving with sense of responsibility and the conception of excellence in Eastern Europe & Balkans areas and continues to improve itself to be the best in its destinations.
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