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Especially the second half of the 20th century, economic and technological degradation of environmental values in parallel with the development or destruction, despite the development of society, famine, hunger, greenhouse effect, global warming and so on. drew attention to the increasing inability to find solutions to problems in increasing levels of environmental issues and has emerged the concept of green management.
Hilal Trans attaches great importance to green logistics management in treating sensitive to this issue and determined.
If we give examples of Hilal Trans green logistics practices;
· The transportation of products in small groups rather than moved into larger groups,
· EURO 5 'use of e with vehicle (environmentally friendly motor vehicles),
· Installing the noise and anti-vehicle,
· The use of environmentally friendly efficient transportation and distribution system,
· Reduction of the general packaging process and materials used,
· Packaging and the use of recycled materials instead of plastic material,
· Eco-friendly recycling,
· Staff training in cognitive and affective domain,
· Awareness of the customer,
· Encourage Reverse logistics program
  and similar measures and actions can be listed.

Hilal Trans has been established in 1992 with its activity in international forwarding area. Since then Hilal Trans has been serving with sense of responsibility and the conception of excellence in Eastern Europe & Balkans areas and continues to improve itself to be the best in its destinations.
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