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Orhanlı Logistics Center - Customs Course

·11.000 m2 in 5,000 m2 of storage space
·8 automatic doors 5 hydraulic shipment / discharge ramp
·Capacity of 5,000 pallet racking system
·Automated warehouse management system
7/24 highly secure
·Orhanlı Logistics Center II - Free Course
·Bonded area on the lower floor area of 2,500 m2 free
·Very easy to transfer the bonded area
·2 automatic gate facilities 24-hour operation
·Direct access from the office section
·Barcode automated warehouse management system
·7/24 highly secure
Cold Storage
·(-18 / + 15) C frozen cargo room
·(-5 / + 15) C cooled to room
·Heat and humidity control and reporting
·600 m2 / 600 pallet capacity of the customs area
·100 m2 / 100 pallet free field
Orhanlı Logistics Center II - Free Course
·5.300 m2 x 5.50 m and height of the base site area
·5,000 m2 site area x 9.00 m and height of floors
·Bonded area right next to the beginning
·Each floor has 14 hydraulic ramps
·Direct access from the office section
·Barcode automated warehouse management system
·1 with the same capability is in free field

Hilal Trans has been established in 1992 with its activity in international forwarding area. Since then Hilal Trans has been serving with sense of responsibility and the conception of excellence in Eastern Europe & Balkans areas and continues to improve itself to be the best in its destinations.
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