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PRIMARILY TO THE EAST AND NORTH EUROPEAN countries Poland Hilal TRANS which is a leader in taşımacıllk THE , the exporter with experience in THIS SERVICE GIVES market.
International shipping starts from 2004 until 1994 the only company that conducts activities to Poland Hilal Trans is performing significantly move to Eastern and Northern European countries at this point today. Relocation, stating that they first start with the shipping textiles Poland Hilal Trans Şerafettin Aras General Manager, says the Poland with changing regimes in Eastern Europe in early 1990 began to seriously purchases from Turkey. Since 2004, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, indicating Balkan countries and they start making serious shipments Between the Baltic countries, is that they have a serious distribution network in Poland. It pointed out that it's an advantage to operate in a 20-year period in the market Aras, also Poland, Slovakia and says that the logistics companies to establish themselves in Bulgaria. Hilal Trans its current structure in white-collar and blue-collar category Aras, indicating that a total of about 230 employees, says that there are 300 people with the number of employees working abroad. As a company that they do delivery in 5 main points in Poland Aras, says that at this point that the industry and textile centers of the country. One of the companies working stating in that they are the leader Aras, "One of the regime change in the region, due to living now the political balance of the law in the past, we have very serious problems. Very serious, we operate in a competitive environment. Come the point in that country in experiencing relief within the framework of criteria have brought the European Union is I can tell you, "he says.
Polonya'mn pointed out that Europe is currently the shining star Aras, especially shine says the country's textile and automotive industries. Western countries Poland Aras stated that they made significant investments in the production of automotive and white goods, "Poland is now textiles began to produce it. Many products as we can export a wide range of products to Poland would also these ülkedenithal. Is selling everything in the competitive framework have brought this we take everything. we learn possessions to sell Turkish exporters in the case of transfer through us. in this sense, we are falling a lot of work in the export to the carrier.'s textile investments of many major Turkish companies in Poland. Turkey there they opened large shopping centers. bought University, Turkish colleges opened . has an intense interest in Turkey, "he says.
As a company, they do serious vehicle investments in Eastern European countries to overcome their exposure to quotas and transition document problems means of specifying Aras, that thanks to the partner they are working in the country draws attention to do the work to make it faster delivery. The Orhan in Turkey stated that they made significant investments in this regard Aras, said that among the products that they carry 30 percent of the share of textiles. Until the year, indicating that the textiles being 80 percent share of the 2000'1 Aras, due to the expiration of the textile production in Poland that attracts attention when this ratio decreases. As a company they know the area because it is a very good 20-year history in the region highlight the Şerafettin Aras, stemming from the experience of the company that they just are not favored by all sectors for the textile industry.

Şerafettin Aras promises to continue as follows: "Today, when us got a load to a customer in Germany, we would ask our forgiveness without this service. Because now focuses on where specialized anyone. The biggest problem visas and migration documents the problem in front today, the logistics company. Exporters of our fighting sells its products can wander quota-free but subject to quota Our vehicles carry the load. Moving past the company, we need to get pass the document from each country. now the Turkish export products one of the main reasons for the preference would say that the proximity of Turkey in Europe. with 2008 global crisis together anymore Europeans stocks does not work. the coming time is a very important location for working according to need. Today, China can also Manufacturers of all kinds of products in each grade, but the logistics, transport problem arises in that point. is giving European goods orders from Turkey wants the gate after 5 days, this success brought by the Turkish transporters. We have the best service to the point where we have expert Hilal Trans and also as we seek to deliver. We try to work with each country we tried to create problems at some point. We are where we are professionals we work with our customers we define. We put our fleet express delivery van type vehicles, vehicles not subject to quotas. 48 hours for delivery when the aircraft is able to receive a product but we managed to reduce it 34 or 44 hours. In this regard, we always say that. Our company philosophy; "Show the effort to be more successful at the point where you're successful," he says.
Customs should be removed to other cities

He also International Transporters Association (UND), indicating that Şerafettin Vice President of Aras, Undersecretariat of Customs in order to overcome the problems faced by the industry and says they are working with the team. As one of the most important centers of Turkey's exports and imports, indicating that experienced serious problems for the sector of Istanbul traffic Aras, "to stay in the Ring and Erenköy Customs downtown puts us extremely trouble. I'm coming to the on-ring customs from Poland 3 days, I can unload my car 3 days. At the same is true in exports. after the 2008 European voluminous not started to make purchases as needed. These are the outputs are usually on Friday and the difficulties experienced in istanbul traffic to that on Saturdays too high. Customs red line for exporters from the General Directorate, the green line, white line he criteria you specified. let's Red falling customs take him to control. we say do not even need düşenter the customs clearance to the line, such as green and white. give us powers, I seal it with them in our garage. we bore seal the tools we already installed tank from us. Return to let her go do his operation in Agility. exporter authorization is given, without the need to enter a customs goods producer. But just because they bring the car due to tightened customs seal on the vehicle. We are the leading transportation company in Turkey, the last day we met at a meeting of around 100 companies. We share a statistical study made, the burden of unloading a vehicle entering from Agility. in the process of leaving the burden of re-installing Agility, we have found that we have lost 8.3 days. Most of this is making the customs treatment, "he said.
Sektör olarak sorunlarını sürekli kamu görevlileri ile paylaştıklarını ifade eden Aras, Gümrük ve Ticaret Bakanı Hayati Yazıcı'nın da birkaç kez Erenköy Cümrüğüne gelerek incelemelerde bulunduğunu belirtiyor. Şerafettin Aras sözlerine şöyle devam ediyor: "Tabii bu işler Türkiye'de sadece Gümrük Müsteşarının elinde olsa şu ana kadar çoktan çözülmüş olurdu. Ancak bu sorunların çözülmesi bir çok başka etkene bağlı. Gene de eski dönemlere nazaran kamu yönetimi nezdinde muhatap bulmamız çok daha kolaylaştı. Başta sayın Bakanımız ve sayın müsteşarlık yetkilileri olmak üzere her kademeden yetkili ile sorunlarımızı paylaşır ve birlikte çözüm arar hale geldik. Biz bu konuda UND olarak 1,5 senedir TiM ile de çok sıkı bir çalışma içerisindeyiz. Bu sürede TiM hep bizim yanımızda oldu. Şu anda Halkalı ve Erenköy'deki Gümrüklerdeki sorunların bütün faturası ihracatçıya yansıyor. 2012'nin sonuna kadar Halkalı Gümrüğünün Çatalca'ya taşınacağı müjdesini aldık. Bunun gecikmeksizin gerçekleşeceğini umuyoruz." 
TAXES logisticians FORCES
Sector as indicating that acts as a factory smoke flue Şerafettin Aras, a vehicle costs in Turkey to move today is around 100 thousand euros, a company 10 cars mean that you need to invest 2.5 million TL out. Despite being a very important employment generating sector attracts the attention they have not evaluated the SME category. Between that they give the tax on many items, "what is the means of production in a factory in our trucks, our Mandir vehicle production for our industry. However, all taxes as well as we pay are paying a motor vehicle tax of 6 months. We also we need to be exempted therefrom, such as industry associations. Because industrial machine to not give extra tax. We are paying for both logistics companies and corporation tax on motor vehicles. our girişimieri as the sector's about it, "he says.
Indicating that the products of the exporter must bear the Turkish transport companies Aras, emphasis will move to the national flag of the national product. Indicating that they had them in a way that will represent the best in international Aras, "companies that can provide the best service to our exporters today are Turkish companies. Our exporters a in which the company which is dominated by the route that they work with companies. Thus, higher quality right services and will have to exchange information. Foreign logistics companies transition document fee they pay we may carry a lower price compared to € 100, but the goods on time and our exporters working with local logistics company for the correct delivery happens in a healthier work.
They work long-term payments from customers themselves they also touched upon request Şerafettin Aras, payment of long-term emphasizes that the logistics sector left in the lurch. Of car loans as logistics companies, indicating that they have to think about the fuel costs Aras, while the demand of customers throughout the industry term pay attention to this detail says it would be more conducive to the development of healthy dialogue. In this case, stating that the requirements of the process, defined as the basis of the supply chain, Aras said that come to mind when you think of the logistics company only supplier. Şerafettin Aras continues, as follows: "the Paletçi, outfitter to, şotör and finally, this is a chain and process until firm's mutual conditions to follow each other seamlessly need to build positive. At the beginning of what I see as a problem in my sector, the fact that it is coming. I agree on specific rates the resulting field has many players and they all have different stilier in. to be the case look hot with long-term maturities of our industrialists can say is causing the chronicity of this issue. We also industrialists in the logistics industry understands this commitment and our period of maturity within our facility are trying to keep as long as possible. When you're in the logistics sector too also have nowhere to run May Not Be, sometimes occur costs to the surprise exceeding you. If you woke up one morning, you can experience a hike with substantial at any point. of course, these are our troubles in the logistics industry, but if it is mutually each other's jobs easier to motivate thinking it is a cycle, overcome many problems We can find it easier.

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